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I HAD A DREAM for many years, to create a business with the opportunity to serve First Responders and Veterans. YOU have touched my life since the age of 5 in the most pivotal ways through life threatening rescues, friendships, service, defending our country, and protecting my family on so many occasions. I wanted to show my appreciation in a significant way. Thank you was just not enough.

I shared my passion and dream with my friend and Business Partner, Brett Carman (1st Response Mortgage), and discovered he shares the same passion and desire to serve you.

As we worked with so many of YOU helping you purchase and sell YOUR homes, contributing funds toward closings, and introducing you to others with valuable resources we learned more about what you need and want.

I asked each of you,” What do you want and what do you need the most?” YOU answered, “business opportunities in real estate, support for your supplemental businesses, coaching on social media business development, to learn about investments in real estate, to help your co-workers at the City Level, and to help your extended family members.”

We listened to you and added all the above. We will continue to ask you the same question and provide you with more valuable resources as we grow.

Today, I am happy to share we have partnered with many more extraordinary people who have the same dream to serve you to show their appreciation for your service and dedication.

Please reach out to us and let us serve YOU, let us know what you need, we will deliver.

THANK YOU for SHOWING UP EVERYDAY, for US. YOU and your family are our HEROES.


Our Team

You are invited to join us on this journey to change lives and the world for the better…YOU are our inspiration, our leaders, our heroes, and our friends.

Teresa Price

Teresa Price

Founder, First Responder Resources

“I CELEBRATE YOU and your plans to make a significant change in your life. I am honored to be the one to SERVE YOU and share my extensive resources and knowledge to help you create the home and life you want and need.”

“I specialize in working with First Responders, Veterans, and their families. My greatest passion is to offer YOU and your family money, homes, and business support resources to express my appreciation for your courageous service and dedication to all of us.”

Brett Carman

Brett Carman

First Responder Lender, 1st Response Mortgage

“My clients are treated to world-class service and I define a successful transaction by delivering an experience so special that we EARN the opportunity to get referrals based on the job we did.”

“Our referral partners are Realtors, Builders, Financial Planners, CPA’s, First Responders and, of course, our happy customers! Our business referral partners are treated to many value-added benefits which help them uniquely grow their businesses.”

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Escrow Officer, Providence Title

“Tiffany Johnson and her team have served our First Responder and Veteran clients with passion, stellar service, generous contributions, and reliable title services. Her team is always a step ahead of the process and the best communicators I have worked with in the title business. We are honored to have Providence Title as our Preferred Title Company for the First Responder Resources Program.” Teresa P.
Dr. Hank Seitz (Veteran)

Dr. Hank Seitz (Veteran)

First Responder BROKER

“Dr. Hank is our MASTERMIND LEADER and passionately sponsors the First Responder Resources Program. He is a Veteran and a Mental Scientist famous for his Mindset Training, Coaching, Business Development Training, Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Wealth Maker, Minister, and Business Strategist.”

“He is passionate about helping Individuals and Organizations increase their: HAPPINESS, BUSINESS & WEALTH!” Teresa P.

First Responder Resources

We OFFER First Responders, Veterans, and their families significantly valuable resources, solutions, and contributions that enrich the quality of their lives to express our APPRECIATION for SHOWING UP every day courageously to serve and protect our families, businesses, and communities.

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