First Responder

We OFFER First Responders, Veterans, and their families significant RESOURCES, financial contributions, real estate services, and business opportunities.

Mission and Services

We offer First Responder and Veteran families valuable resources, solutions, and contributions to enrich the quality of their lives to express our APPRECIATION for SHOWING UP every day courageously to serve and protect our families, businesses, and communities.


We OFFER financial contributions (money) for your home sales, purchases and stellar service for all your real estate needs.
American Dream #1 = HOME OWNERSHIP


We OFFER First Responder and Veteran business owners’ FREE membership to our Resource Partner network.
We OFFER an opportunity of a lifetime to create a lucrative Real Estate Business with 7 Streams of income.
American Dream #2 = BUSINESS OWNERSHIP


We OFFER First Responder and Veteran families the most reliable and confidential health and wellness resources.

Our Services

Our Resources

Let us SHOW UP for YOU to show our appreciation!!!

First Responder Realtors

WE are licensed REALTORS (Texas). We help First Responder and Veteran families sell and purchase real estate. We give significant contributions to each family from our own personal commission. Our Resource Partners also OFFER significant contributions.

First Responder Lenders

There are many benefits available for first responders to consider when seeking lenders. You have dedicated your lives to helping others and we want to be that someone that is looking out for you during the lending process.


We OFFER guidance in getting your real estate license and help you create a lucrative real estate business, full time, part time, on duty, or retired.


Our Resource Partners are First Responders, Veterans, and Advocates who own businesses. We are a team of business owners who share a passion for helping you and your family get what you want and need.


We OFFER First Responder and Veteran Business Owners FREE membership to Our referral network. Our mission is help YOU increase your business and income. We promote and advertise your business through networking and social media campaigns.


Offering our amazing services to various cities across the country…

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Offering FREE Membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase a home, what is the amount of the contribution?

Your REALTOR will contribute $1,000.00 from their personal commission and it will be applied at closing as a cash credit. Woohoo!!!

If I sell my home, what is the amount of the contribution?

Your REALTOR will contribute .05% of the listing commission to add more CASH to your bottom line.

Listing commission is normally 6% of the sales price. 3% will be offered to the Buyers Agent (Broker) and 2.5% will go to your listing agent (Broker).

Example: Your home sells for $350,000 at 6% = $21,000. As a First Responder Resource Member the commission is 5.5% = $19,250. A savings of $1,750. Woohoo!!!

If I want to join the First Responder REALTOR team, what will it cost me to get my real estate license?

We have resource partners who discount the whole program from $1,000 to $700 (Champions School of Real Estate) and an audio program that cost less than $400.

What is the benefit of becoming a Resource Partner with my existing side business (example: remodeling business, inspector, online products, accounting, etc.)?

You become part of a network of other First Responders and business owner advocates who are committed to sending referrals to you to help you increase your business. In turn, you send referrals to them per your client’s needs. WE ARE BUILDING A VILLAGE…to provide every type of business resource needed. This helps First Responder and Veteran owned businesses and advocates as well.

  • WE Trust each other
  • WE Support each other
  • WE Increase our income
  • WE Build our retirement wealth to support our families.


Sponsor and Support

Patrol Stories is an organization that fosters positive interactions between Law Enforcement and the communities they serve.

Patrol Stories Founder Justin Delacruz, a full time Police Officer, built this program to help create opportunities for Police Departments to engage with their citizens through a fun, educational, entertaining, and interactive experience.

Officer Maxwell, the official mascot of Patrol Stories, was designed to provide children with a positive role model who displays hope, trust, friendship, and respect as well as humanize the profession of a Police Officer “providing a positive, personal, and an un-intimidating image.” Officer Maxwell programs teach the importance of 911 safety and promote positive learning with “Maxwell’s BIG THREE”, (Confidence, Motivation, and Encouragement).

In 2012, the Veterans’ Administration (VA) released a Suicide Data Report that found an average of 22 veterans die by suicide everyday. The 22KILL initiative started in 2013, at first just as a social media movement to raise awareness, and later became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in July of 2015.

In 2016, as our push-up initiative (later known as the #22pushupchallenge) swept social media, 22KILL began its transformation from awareness to suicide prevention. By the end of that year, the viral campaign, and the fundraising that accompanied it, allowed us to donate over half a million dollars to sponsor other veteran service organizations.

In 2017, 22KILL began to acquire and develop traditional and non-traditional mental wellness programs, and now offers a myriad of services through Stay The Course, Tribal Council, Forge, Wind Therapy, WATCH, and White Star Families.

First Responder Resources

We OFFER First Responders, Veterans, and their families significantly valuable resources, solutions, and contributions that enrich the quality of their lives to express our APPRECIATION for SHOWING UP every day courageously to serve and protect our families, businesses, and communities.

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